Corporate Finance Strategies is a Boston Based Corporate Advisory Firm providing Corporate Finance Strategies and Strategic Plans for owners and managers of for-profit and not-for-profit companies over a broad range of industries nationwide.

For over 40 years, Bill Diercks has worked with companies in over 40 different industries both as a commercial banker for 21 years and as an independent advisor for the past 23 years.   As an expert in understanding cash flow and capital structures, he has developed solutions to financing clients’ growth strategies across the broad spectrum of financing alternatives available to these clients.

The vast majority of clients are privately owned and more specifically, family owned businesses.  The firm has a deep understanding of and answers to the three major issues that face these companies: a lack of capital, a lack of management and little time to solve the first two issues.

A successful financing strategy is only as good as the strategic growth plan it is designed to finance. Corporate Finance Strategies process to recommending financing solutions involves the creation of a new written strategic plan or a blessing of the client’s existing written strategic plan.  Rather than just deliver a written report on its recommendations, the firm’s style is to advise its clients on business strategy and finance and to help in the execution of both.