A sale-leaseback is not necessarily the best solution for  every company’s capital needs. But like any corporate finance option, it should  always be carefully evaluated as a finance strategy.

These companies did their homework and are happy they did!

Am-Mex Products

This “maquilladoro” company in Texas and Mexico used its proceeds as the major step in its owners’ long-term exit strategy.

Hussey  Seating

The oldest family-owned business in Maine, this company used proceeds for  working capital to finance their growth strategy to retire more expensive junior debt.

Private Equity Firms

According to several of our private equity firm clients, they believe that the investors’ rate of return expectations on the real estate sold to them and released by the company are lower than the private equity return expectations for the business now leasing the real estate. Therefore, PE firms put their capital into the business and not the real estate.