Helping clients prepare strategic business plans, including exit strategies, is a core business of Corporate Finance Strategies; it is a direct compliment and really a precursor to the corporate finance work Great Cove does with clients.

To solve problems in either of those areas, a client’s overall strategic business plan has to be rationalized to ensure internal consistency with all other strategies, including finance.

Corporate Finance Strategies professionals believe that the best Strategic Business Plan for a company is one that meets the needs of the shareholders and the management team together.  Like economist forecasts, there are many different views of what the “right” strategic business plan looks like.  A long written document prepared by an outsider is not useful.   These are usually placed on the shelf and rarely looked at after the process is done.

Corporate Finance Strategies style is to work with the stakeholders to prepare the type of business plan that works for them. It’s as interactive with the members of the chosen “strategic team” as they want it to be. Again, Corporate Finance Strategies style is not to interview, disappear and return with a bible.  Rather, it is group-oriented to determine first, what is the mood of the participants to do this and second, what kind of plan do they believe they need to operate.  Corporate Finance Strategy guides the process, using its proprietary outline, so that the team has a road to follow now and in the future. The output, however, is the client’s product, not Corporate Finance Strategies, and is only as lengthy as the client needs.